Looking for someone compatible with me

Dear Azna,

Will I meet a man that is very compatible with me?


Dear B.

Here’s the thing… it is very important for you to realize your very valuable assets, talents and wonderfulness for Yourself.

There are plenty of men who are compatible with what you think of yourself right now. Before you go all out attracting that, sit down and allow yourself to see your own inner beauty.

You will only attract what you think you are worthy of…so let’s up the ante there a bit. Spend a few days noticing every wonderful thing about yourself that you can.

When you feel you are ready to attract a wonderful man- start saying that, I am ready to attract a wonderful compatible man. Make sure to get real specific about what you want.

Love Azna


Here is an EFT exercise from Rebecca to help you “tap in” your wonderfulness. (insert your own qualities)

Tapping… I am kind, I love _________, I am great at___________. My favorite thing about myself is______________, I sure have a lot to offer.

It is also good to “tap in” some of the ways you want to feel around Mr Right.

Tapping…When I am with Mr Right, I feel_______________, I love it when he________________,Together we make sweet harmony.

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One Response to “Looking for someone compatible with me”

  1. Ryan Bell on November 12th, 2010 1:57 am

    Hi Rebecca, I’d like to tell you my personal experience with Azna or atleast I think it was her.

    Two years ago I was down in the dumps and thought my life was over. I was reading sylia browne at the time and thought og joining the catholic church but trying to attend my church(LDS) but felt so guilty I didn’t feel worthy of Gods blessing.

    I tried to commit suicide by taking about 18 sleeping pills and anti depressent medicatiion. My body shut down and I was scared as hell!! I calmed my self down and cried out to everyone not just God and Jesus in my religion, but every religious figure you could think of including AZNA.

    I remember blackiing out and coming too and when I came too there was a women in a gold outline on my t.v. and I felt two other prescences, one i thought was Jesus( maybe you could help look that up I give you permission but only my suicide attempt) in the room but couldn’t see them but I could feel there concern.

    I looked at the t.v. and asked her if I could stay on earth. She smiled and looked at the other two and nodded her head. And the room was dark and the figure had left. It took me six to seven hours beffore I could move my body. I never went to the hospital til 4 months later. I guess I kind of have a question for you to ask if that is all right and that is What does Azna want me to do with my life. How can I repay her for being there at my rock bottom moment.

    I hope you could anwser me cause I am so bored wih life. I live off the government and am consiering writing a book called “exit point”. Since the suicide i;ve had two exite poiints and have even seen the tunnel. once. I’m really intereted in your opinion and hope to hear from you soon. thank you for taking questions and letting us speak our mind. A fan,


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