Testmonials for Workshop Leader’s Course

The first time I found your site I was looking for a way to start my business, and for personal growth. I have found both and a lot of inspiration along the way. I immediately started with my website and got my subliminals going on my computer. I wrote my own subliminal script for getting pregnant, and while it hasn’t happened yet, a lot of the anxiety I had with it has been reduced. The body healing and EFT one I also use a lot when I’m not feeling up to scratch. Each newsletter I receive from you has been inspiring and helpful. I took the workshop leader course, which is going to propel me to the next level – taking more clients at once instead of individually. I am really excited at all the new information I have and have now designed a four week Stress Class. The beauty of that course was not only the business tools but the personal growth I experienced along with the many exercises. I was blown away by some of the stuff that came out, some personal warnings as well as confirmations of my purpose in life.


So, Rebecca … keep doing what you are doing and sending those emails… I look forward to them!!
Heather Step


Dear Rebecca
Did you see my article in Gary’s latest newsletter? I am so overwhelmed and grateful right now for this happening and all the super responses I am getting. Remember in the workshop training how you said, how to get famous fast?
I did this at that time in April and it has come out now at the right time (August holidays are coming up) so I can do something then. I sent all the people who sent their emails for my Stress Test page my Stress Ebook (which has little enticements to do my stress course at the end of each section) so hopefully I’ll start seeing  the money! (actually I have made my first sale, that was a subliminal commission!) I have already designed my course when I did your workshop, so I’m ready now. Thank you Rebecca!
take care and all the best with writing your book..

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One Response to “Testmonials for Workshop Leader’s Course”

  1. Loria on February 22nd, 2009 10:10 pm

    Hi Rebecca,

    I was on the telecast for HPT More Money and while doing the healing technique for releasing blame and giving credit to those who have become a catalyst for growth. I experienced a major breakthrough. It suddenly seemed as if everything I had been hold on to was relieved. I know with consistant use of the technique(s) you described I will be free from all that stand in my way.

    Bless U and Thank you for what you do.

    Loria Grinnage

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