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Rebecca….your dedication to what you do, your first-hand experience with Divine Assistance gave me new tools to approach this and get much, much better at it.  It gave me a much better understanding of what is going on for "them" and how "they" work. 

It also gave me tools of discernment and protection to make sure I don’t end up with unwanted "intruders"….which wouldn’t last too long anyway.  I am surrounded by very spiritual powerful people right now and you are certainly one of them. 

Your protective shield reaches me.

It was so informative and helped me tremendously.  I feel that my Higher Self or Angel or Guide really wants to talk to me. Now I sense that I have better tools to increase my vibrations, my frequencies allowing a better connection./p>



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One Response to “Testimonials for Meet Your Spirit Guide”

  1. Virgnia Simonin on January 11th, 2009 6:44 pm

    Thank you for the wonderful blessing call from Azna. It was incredible to say the least. It opened my eyes to many new perspectives regarding money, life experiences and how to bless all that I have and will have. It also helped me to see that blessing everything in my life could free up a lot of stuck energy around money, food, life experiences and my children. Allowing the blessings and acknowledging all that I have and also all that I can give to others. I also got that blessing my child and all that he does or does not do and letting him be who he is allows me more energy to give to myself as well as others. What a wonderful, freeing experience. Thank you Rebecca for all that you do and give to all of us. It was a very “RICH” experience for me and I will be taking the energy from the blessing and carrying it with me daily and sharing the blessing with others. Thanks for mentioning how our thoughts must be monitered and can change around everything little or big events in our lives.


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