Testimonials for How to Thrive When the Market Stinks

I found the "mindset" clearing exercises to be very soothing, it felt safe to open up honestly about doubt  and or fears…

Here is what I thought about the 31 ways to get new business or attract clients: great ways to attract clients. They alll have great value, they can be applied to any area of your life at any time being bussiness or helping out when you volunteer, or to pass them on to a loved one.

I think the TRANSITIONAL TRANCE  will help me with moving forward. I have left that place that held me. Now I see, and visualize my life, full with Joy, Love and Light.

ALF in California

Thank you, Rebecca, for another amazing life changing class!  Healing the split between my spiritual and business self felt like a key that has opened many doors for me in prosperity that have previously been locked. 
After your class, I feel ready to put my web site up which I’ve been putting off for years, so thanks again!
With Much Appreciation, 

I love the class. Thank you.  I was on the computer.  I really liked the divorcing from negative mindset.  I also felt that the bringing the spiritual self and the business self together was very powerful. I was pretty zoned after the meditation at the end but thats is a Good thing and common with meditators. Thus the quiet.  It was all very good.
Thank you again,
Sara H.  from Utah


I think the TRANSITIONAL TRANCE  will help me to unravel my old & no longer useful unconscious thinking & behavioral patterns.

I found the "union of the spirit self with the business self to be_a blessing 🙂 i feel that just giving full awareness of these two parts of me plants a new seed of new hope & assertion in holding trust & faith & positivity!

The part I liked best was that I did EFT w/ Rebecca :D!!! I profoundly appreciate having Rebecca as a teacher because  I feel in every teleclass I get to align my energy with Rebecca’s; and that is a huge blessing.

I always feel something magical & angelic had shifted deep inside me after each call 😀 Thank you so much for everything Rebecca 😀 (p.s. I also been loving NEw Sun products & the Go-Giver Book.

I think all your tips are super savvy & fantastic.

Thank you so much Rebecca for sharing so many goodies!



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One Response to “Testimonials for How to Thrive When the Market Stinks”

  1. ingrid crosson on May 24th, 2016 7:08 am

    Thank you Rebecca. I did the action plan prayer for more money and it worked immediately. Now I can afford to go to yoga teacher traing school. Yaaaaaaaaaaaa.

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