Healing the Violence of your Birth

This offer includes “Healing Childhood Abuse” as well as Birth Trauma.


In this class, I share my heart with you about a very necessary healing that I believe every single person in the world can benefit from.

Unless you were born at home with the kind attentions of a loving family and possibly a mid-wife in attendance, chances are you are suffering the effects of patterns of energy set up around your “violent” birth.

Contributing factors of a violent birth are being labor induced, pulled out with forceps, C-section, or even made to “hold back” the birth.

Other factors are:

Being born at the wrong time, illegitimate, unwanted, wrong sex, parents too young, parents worried about money, previous abortions or miscarriages, worries about inherited illness and many more. I am sure you can think of many issues on your own, perhaps from your personal experience.

It is almost a guarantee that at your birth you were thrust into a room filled with bright, florescent lighting, poked, prodded, stuck with needles, handled roughly, and taken from your mother before you had a chance to bond. It is also very likely that your cord was cut too soon,  depriving you of the nutrient rich cord blood that doctors are now realizing is a very great treasure indeed.

A fear or shame pattern is sometimes set up when the birth is violent and can affect your life in many ways.

Here is a partial checklist of patterns that can be set up at birth. Check and see if you identify with any of these.

  • Fear of dying- having trouble breathing under stress.
  • Fear of living fully- what is the use, it will never be good enough.
  • Fear of accepting pleasure in life- pleasure is always followed by pain
  • A feeling of being “unimportant”
  • Feeling invisible
  • Wishing you were someone else
  • Not ever feeling good enough
  • Having conscious or unconscious resentment toward your mother
  • Having a sense of not belonging
  • Feeling like you don’t belong in your own family
  • Feeling like it is the wrong time for you to be here
  • A vague feeling of unease you can never quite put your finger on
  • Feeling unworthy
  • Having a hunger for something and you are not sure what it is
  • Feelings of shame
  • Feeling like you were cheated out of something
  • Feeling like you have to please others in order to belong
  • Feeling like it is you against the world
  • Feelings of unexplained guilt
  • Depression
  • Accident prone
  • A feeling of being unlovely

There are more issues but these are the main ones my angels have told me to share with you.   This is a very special and healing class – a re-birthing and a re-mothering.

The Divine Feminine will be assisting as midwife to this precious healing experience. This class will be healing your own birth trauma and healing  your own mother and your ancestors as well.This class combines the best of energy psychology with spirituality to take healing beyond mere human capabilities.

Here is how the audio class flows:

The first 30 mins we will use EFT and TAT to clear the RESISTANCE to healing. There is some unconscious part of us that wants to hold onto this birth trauma.

We will gently heal this in group healing.

The second part of the audio class will be the actual healing techniques and meditation. Please know that I am directed by Divine sources in the unfolding of this healing process.

The final 30 minutes will be for sharing the sweetness of new birth and appreciation of new life and joy. The angels assure me that already every spiritual assistance is being put into place to assist in your personal healing.

This is one of the most precious and sacred classes I have ever led. You can expect to feel sacred, loved, honored, cherished for yourself, blessed, enlightened and worthy with a new understanding of yourself after this class.

From my own personal experience, I have had 5 children. Out of those 5, only one was born under soft lighting, placed directly on my belly, nursed within minutes of birth, and allowed to have all her cord blood pumped to her.

This child had a completely different childhood than my other children.  As a baby, she was so good; I was a bit worried something was wrong with her. She was always so contented and able to entertain herself easily. She would wake up from sleeping and just lie there and coo till I would hear her and come and get her. There remains to this day softness and a confidence about her that is openly noticeable.

I wish I had been able to give the gift of a non-violent birth to all my children. I can through my own class heal my own birth trauma and even stand surrogate for my children.

Please join me in this most extraordinary healing event by taking the audio class.

Class Information:


Class Length:Approx. 4 hr long with plenty of breaks

Price: reg  $87 Use coupon code 70 for 70% DISCOUNT

Audio Class Option:Yes. You will receive 2 different audio/MP3 versions of the same class.  Take them at your leisure, but make sure to honor the time you spend doing the class. Please do not multi-task.


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2 Responses to “Healing the Violence of your Birth”

  1. Sharon Tanner on September 2nd, 2012 8:44 pm

    I want this class but see no place to register??? (rebirthing)

  2. Tiaa on December 23rd, 2013 12:12 pm

    I’m very interested in taking this clas.

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