Testimonials for End Money Worries Audio

Hello Rebecca,

OK Ready?



Thank you for sending both classes from last weekend. My normal routine is to take the second day course for it seems to always have more info yet this time I had other commitments and needed to attend the Sat class.

I’ve done both days and prayers – Why is it that every is becoming so easssyyyyyy for ME??


Quick recap of improvements:

Attended Sat class

Sunday go to the best year end ski party w/ new beau and have the time of my life!! thanx

Day#1 Mon 3/31/08 redo the 2nd class Awesome

Day #2 Tue 4/1/08
My relationship with my daughter has been extremely strained the past couple years or so. Well, you know, being a Mom is one of the most honored yet thankless jobs. Anyhow-she called me and asked if she could come over and visit cuz she missed me [WHOA!! Miracle1#], then upon arrival without asking she picked us up lunch – Chinese our favorite!! Excuse me-weeping tears of joy!! So much joy and love, it is great!! Thank u Universe. To some this may not seem so important yet to me this means the world to me.

Now me, I am working on about ten thousand different projects, trying to get everything done for everyone, praying for it to be easier than pie, that I get it all done ASAAP [as soon as angelically possible- my saying & logo in the best manner for my highest & best and Sara [my baby girl] says ” yeah Ma, I made sure they gave me your [2] favs in one!” Not even thinking I give her a great big thank you hugs & kisses and eat a couple bites. Visit for awhile then she scoots to get to work. Wow GREAT!! Awesome!! She told she missed me and loved me so. Shared a couple stories of what a rascal she was apologized for being a brat and things she had done, and then get this said, ” How did you put up with me?” OK Holy Moly Thank you AZNA!!! yeah!!

Hold on, it gets better and this is just one thing- I’ve got tons more yet this one is the most dearest to my heart.

Day3# Wed 4/2/08
So, again, I’ve been running around trying to get everything done yet not accomplishing much.[HELP need Help with that!!] I get yet another opportunity to be with my daughter, which is Miracle 2 billion so far. Nice time, real quick but filled with love. Get home, keep trying to get my poop together. Figured I’d finish my wonderful free lunch and then it hit me… on Monday, I wanted to order chinese for lunch yet didn’t. My usual order is Roast pork lo mien, general Tao chicken and chicken/broccoli w/pork fried rice, chicken teriyaki. I know, seems to be alot yet what we do is get a mess of stuff and split so everyone gets different stuff. Well, there I am sitting on the couch and I looked down at my food???? My daughter ordered me the Gen Tao Chick with the RP Lo Mien in one dinner, for herself the chick/broc w/pf rice and a side of chick ter. WOW!! Talk about a blessing. I almost missed it!! Thank you for helping me with my daughter and every thing else.

Day4# Thurs 4/3/08
I rent an apartment that is way below my standards due my recent life happenstance. the washers been leaking, not rinsing and just poopy. Well, I went to do my laundry this morning-lo and behold- A brand new washer is there!! YUP!! Now I just need help getting them to get all the electrical stuff sorted out, take care of the property better and things will be great. I’d rather be in a new home sooner than later so prayers would be great.

Still awaiting more yet I know that all is good and is getting better every day!!

Rebecca – I bless you from my heart. I thank the Universe for bringing me to you. I was ready and you were there. Thank you for following your life purpose, for if you didn’t heed the call I wouldn’t have the opportunity to enjoy this love and joy with my baby girl. I ask that you be blessed with ten times more than you’d ever need and more.

All right, I am ready to bawl again. I am so grateful. I really do love myself now and this is another miracle.

Thankful for everything!!!

Karyn June Chmura

Dear Rebecca,

I just have to share with you a few things that have happened since taking the EMW class on Sunday.

On Tuesday, my husband drove me to work and on his way up the mountain to his job, his transmission went out. This would normally be a huge deal, since he works at a ski resort at elevation 9,000.Getting a tow up there is very expensive. And in the past if anything happened that has to do with spending more money, we are usually quite worried about it.However, he called me to let me know, and I never once worried. I just went about my day, not really giving it a second thought.I didn’t even think about how well I handled it until last night. I usually would have been fretting all day, and praying feverishly, etc. But we both have been very calm throughout this whole ordeal.

Anyway, several exciting things happened.

1) He works with a guy who volunteered to tow the truck home for free.

2) My husband went to the bank to weigh his options (the truck is old and he didn’t know if it would be more feasible to pour money into it, or to just get a new one).The bank is going to take 2 loans we are already paying on, plus loan on the new truck and consolidate these 3 into one payment, and the payment will only be a little bit over what we are paying on those original 2 loans.

3) This afternoon when I came back from lunch, I found out that I am getting a raise. And I bet you can guess for how much more per month I am getting!!!!!! AWESOME!!

4) Plus, I have always felt uncomfortable around people, really shy. When my husband told me I would have to ask someone to give me a ride home, I didn’t even think about. I went right up to an acquaintance to ask and didn’t even think twice about. In the past, I would have been mortified to this.I didn’t even think about what I had done until today and I just started laughing and thinking “Thank you Rebecca, for helping me not be afraid to ask for what I want!! “

Thanks for such a wonderful, wonderful class. You are AWESOME!!!

Much Love,
Kat Laurents

P.S. When I got home from work tonight, there was a $5 bill laying in my yard!

Sue Irby was left a widow 3 years ago with very little resources. She worked with me before to help manifest a vehical and a good job but her experience after my “End your Money Worries for good” workshop is nothing short of MIRACULOUS! Here is her story.

Dear Rebecca,

I am so excited I can’t hardly write!

I attended your ‘End your money worries” workshop in Dec, I really could’t afford the fee but I felt like I ought to go. I have had such good luck every time I worked with you before.

Anyway, I was feeling pretty low about money as my house was falling apart and I did not know where I would get the money for the repairs. At the workshop, I really did not feel that much of a shift in my energy. Well, let me tell you … The very next week after the workshop I got a letter from my deceased husband’s bank telling mehe still had an account there and it had THOUSANDS get that THOUSANDS of dollars in it and they were all MINE! It is enough to pay for all the repairs to my house with some left for me to “play” with. For the first time since my husband died, I don’t feel soscared and worried about money.


The next week after that, I woke up at 4:44 in the morning. You know what you told me Rebecca that when you see thenumbers 444, it is a sign from the angels. Well, I couldn’t go back to sleep so I decided to start some clean up where they were working on my bathroom. I looked under the cabinets and decided to throw out a bunch of the old junk there. I picked up an old wipy-dipe box and started to toss it. (I have not had a baby in years) There was something rattling inside it.

I opened it up and there was a bank envelope inside from my deceased husbands bank. I opened that and guess what?


Am I glad I took your workshop –YES!

The thing is, Rebecca, the workshop took off the blockages to my recieving – I had the money all along but it was blocked from getting to me. THANK YOU A THOUSAND TIMES FOR GIVING THAT WORKSHOP! I can’t wait to see what Im getting next.

Love, Sue
PS- If any one does not believe this- you can give them my phone number.

DR Luis E. Pena – Anxiety during Surgery

I first saw Rebecca Marina a few times to help me with my stress and anxiety that I was dealing with. At that time, she taught me the EFT technique to deal with my problems.

Several weeks later, I went in for some minor surgery. Let’s just say, I took responsibilityfor my own birth control.

After consulting with the doctor I was fully prepared for the procedure and was even presrcibed a valium beforehand.

All was well until I heard and felt the snipping and probing and I suddenly became very nervous and scared.

I was perspiring and deeply concerened.

My fiance at the time was with me and could see the fear in my face. Unsure if I would be able to continue but too late to turn back, I began to do my tapping technique.


I suddenly became very relaxed and stopped perspiring and was able to complete the proceedure without any fears.

Needless to say, the doctor and assistant were puzzled at what I was doing and thought it odd – but my fiance assured them that I was merely meditating to calm myself down.

I was very proud of myself and very thankful to Rebecca. Since then, I have used the technique on many occasions including controlling my blood pressure and anxiety.

I highly recommend EFT, It is simple and effective.

Dr Luis E. Pena

Chronic Fatigue, Issues of Shame

After my first session with Rebecca, a freebie of only 20 minutes, I was unable to sit for more than 10 minutes at a time. Instant change for me as I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome making it difficult to do very much without extreme fatigue and other debilitating symptoms.

More recently, I worked on obsessive thoughts about things I’ve done and said I’m terribly ashamed or sorry about with the EFT method with Rebecca. I would have several of these thoughts every single day, and obsess for hours, hating myself, wondering why I live if everywhere I turn, I just hurt people or make an ass of myself.

Since then, such thoughts come up, but within minutes, I can no longer remember them without really trying – but why would I try?

Rebecca has the insight, compassion, and ability to confront resistance to find the specific statements which will be successful with EFT.

Yesterday we worked on general happiness. Today, I was able to explain to my friend, worried about a job for which she is responsible to a third party, the many ways she has no reason to be ashamed of theprogress she’s made.

Responsibility is a key, paralyzing issue for me, and the job my friend was worried about was one she’s doing for me. We were both relieved I was able to be not ashamed, encouraging the same for her.

Several of my friends, who see me only once a month or less, tell me I look lighter and prettier than I have before. Healing has physical, emotional,spiritual, and intellectual components, and I’m enjoying the positive feedback- who knew I’d become prettier, in addition to being happier.

Terri Manor

Testimonial from Lucia Capacchione, Ph.D., A.T.R., R.E.A.T.
Art therapist, artist, author.

Rebecca Marina is a gifted guide into our spiritual potential. While she was in training to be certified in my Creative Journal Expressive Arts method, her talent for spiritual guide work began to emerge. I encouraged her to follow her bliss into this extraordinary work.

Since that time she has taken done further study and mastered other methods, such as E.F.T. Rebecca has helped me and hundreds of others to find the “still small voice within” and find out inner divine guidance. She is highly creative and works with the highest integrity and gentlest manner. She brings light and joy to all she does.

Lucia Capacchione, Ph.D., A.T.R., R.E.A.T. Art therapist, artist, author of thirteen books, including Recovery of Your inner Child; Visioning: Ten Steps to Designing the Life of Your Dreams; and The Power of Your Other Hand: A Course in Channeling the Inner Wisdom of the Right Brain.

You can enjoy reading more about Lucia at http://www.luciac.com

Dear Rebecca,

You have been a wonderful spiritual healer for me. Your guidance has brought me many rewards- but more so- peacefulness.

I have achieved monetary gain and more importantly, a completeness of myself. At one point, I was so lost- sick to my stomach and unable to sleep and eat. Without your spiritual guidance, I would have had no where to turn.

Thank you! You have helped me more than you know.


This is about a circle… energy that flows… unexpected events that transformation of thoughts — and the circle continues.

My husbands’s poor health became impacted in l988. As the years progressed, his level of energy and mobility gradually but slowly diminished. My formal education provided the depth of my ability to increase my physical and emotional support in an attempt to maintain our quality of life. His spirit and attitude were unflagging and only increased my efforts. His death in the spring of 2002 was unexpected and unrelated to his medical history.

Knowing the range of medical problems that can arise for a caretaker suddenly released from the loved one, I began a daily menu of good nutrition, exercise and meditation. Eventually, I could sleep and gained some weight. I continued to seek venues of support but after 5 months had reached a plateau and could not advance my health.

And then, in a group of strangers, Rebecca Marina touched me in blessing. I experienced immediate heat in my chest and I began to cry. Suddenly, she wrapped me in her arms and it was as though the door to a kiln had been opened.The heat was intense and overwhelming and I felt my body totally collaspe–water flowed from my eyes and I had a fleeting thought–“I’m going to ruin her dress.” The span of time–I do not know–The words she spoke–I do not know. I walked to my chair thinking I would not be able to stay upright because I was so weak. Another woman came and laid her hand on the back of my neck and held my hand. Eventually, I gained enough strength to open my eyes.

Within days, those who know me and those who witnessed the healing remarked on my dramatically changed countenance. She touched my soul–she gave me emotional healing–she gave me peace.

And the circle continues— ML Jameson, Mission Texas.


After taking the ‘Money” workshop, Marsha Nelson Ph.D said that she would highly recommend this workshop to anyone even if they were extremely wealthy. Says Dr Nelson, “This workshop will enhance anyone’s ability to have their hearts desire in a very real way and is presented by a very real, down to earth woman”.

I called Marsha back a few days later to ask how her finances were.

She reported that she had gotten a contract from four schools which could be thousands of dollars in revenues. She said she had also gotten an insurance check and many more blessings!


Rosalinda Salinas Kiger, of McAllen commented that at a recent “Money” workshop, she felt the warmth and was really connected to everyone there. Says Rosalinda,” We all had different issues and the money is the one that stresses us the most, by handling these issues it makes it easier to tackle the money problems.


Isaela Bezada Chokr, in an interview two days after the “Money”seminar, “I even got money given to me at the workshop and when I got home, I had a check waiting for me, That’s unreal! What’s more, my daughter called me and told she she had received an unexpected $7,000 donation from her company!” (Why did the daughter get benifits? Because, the energy patterns are removed from your children too!) I talked to Isela yesterday, and she told me that for the first time ever, she was able to Christmas shop without that horrible gut-wrenching feeling of being worried about money!


I love to tell this story that Ana Kennedy told me. She kept calling me every day or so to report more & more goodies!

Ana said the next day after the workshop, she recieved a gift of clothing.

It wasn’t money but the clothes were real cute and something she needed.

She decided to be greatful for the clothing. Well the next day she did get the cash, a nice amount and from a very unexpected source!

Ana told me that this person who gave her the money was someone in her family but they NEVER gave presents for anything! Ana said on the rare occassion that this person did give, there was always some kind of hook attatched to it.

Well, Ana said – the only thing this person said this time was, “Here is some money, buy yourself what ever you want”. No kind of hook at all.

Now why was someone else affected who was not even there?

Because this process heals others in your family as well. It heals ancestral agonies for anyone whose spirit is open enough to recieve it.

This is the biggest discovery of this century!

Find a way to get here and take this “Money”workshop folks, the cost is nothing compared to the benefits you and your family will reap!

Now, here is another couple of testimonies.


Georgia Daugherty, said that AT THE MONEY WORKSHOP, during the meditation period, she was able to recognize and forgive a life-long anger and resentment and stated that she actually felt a shift of energy.

Georgia was delighted to discover that the next morning in church, she was able to kneel for the first time in a long time. Thanks be to God! I talked to Georgia a few days later and she reported that she felt so lighthearted and wonderful! She wanted other members of her family tohave this same joyful experience.


Mary Louise Jameson came to one of the ‘Money” workshops & said, “During the meditation, I was able to recognizemy mother’s fear as an orphan and realize the why of my penny pinching lifestyle.

Oh yes, the neatest thing…

An attorney saw the write up in the paper about the “Money” workshop and hired me to come do a private workshop for all her employees!

100% of the participants said they felt a shift in their energy and would now be attracting positive circumstances to themselves.

100% said they would recommend this workshop to their family, friends, and business associates.


At 8 years of age, little Johnny Hovey was happily riding his bike down the hill toward his house. He was so excited because he was getting ready for his first communion.

In his excitement, Little Johnny did not see the huge truck that was lurching toward him. The driver had been drinking and smacked into Johnny without even realizing what he had done.

The truck did not stop and continued to drag Johnny a full city block before realization penetrated his drunkeness.

Johnny died in the street that day.

Johnny told me that he died and his Lord Jesus came to him there in the street amongst the blood and his twisted, mangled body.

The Lord spoke to Johnny and he has never forgotten his words. “I love you my son, but it is not time to come home yet”. Johnny’s family rushed to the scene and his mother cradled Johnny’s family rushed to the scene and his mother cradled her dying son to her breast and prayed with all her might. Finally an ambulance arrived to take Johnny to the hospital. He was barely clinging to life. The doctors gave no hope at all for little Johnny. They did not feel he would live so they did not put their best efforts in patching his mangled body.

Part of his brain was so damaged that it had to be removed. But Johnny knew it was not his time to die.

He clung to life with all his might. Slowly, he began to improve. After months in the hospital he was finally released. The accident had left him permanently disabled. His mind knows what he wants to do but his body will not obey the commands.

I met Johnny at one of the healing services I sometimes give. He came forward for prayer and he really touched my heart. It was a struggle for him to walk but he braved the crowd and came forward anyway. After the service, I asked Johnny’s mother if she would bring him to me for private session of energy therapy.

The first time Johnny came to my office, I had to help him all the way up the walkway.

When he left, he required no assistance at all.

I taught Johnny’s mother, Tila, how to apply the energy therapy and gave them some “homework”.

The next visit, Johnny came ahead of his mother, all the way up the steps, completely unassisted!

I asked how their week had been and Johnny was just estatic! ” I can put my shirt on by myself” exclaimed Johnny. ” I have never been able to do that before”!

Johnny said that in the past, he had such a high level of frustration that he could not do simple tasks. He would just give up and ask his mother to do it for him.

So why does Johnny continue to have good results from using the energy therapy? Because we were able to instantly take of years of frustration as well as hurt feelings. We all know how hurtful people can be without even thinking. Johnny was injured as a child and he is now in his thirties.

For years, he thought people did not like him because he was different.

Now Johnny is so happy and full of love! His face just shines!

I wish every caregiver of the handicapped would take the time to learn a little energy therapy. It works wonders when nothing else will.



I am not saying that everyone who takes the “END MONEY WORRIES” class gets these kinds of results right away; however, it has happened several times and is happening to someone right now!



The last six months had been impossible. Barely making ends meet at the office.

Wondering if I would get a check or where I was going to get the money to pay the mortgage, let alone the daily expenses of home living. Tired of seeing insufficient funds on the ATM machine. I found myself drinking to numb myself from the pressures and questions of what to do.

The IRS was placing liens on me, the banks were ready to foreclose on my business and properties.

Credit card and car loan companies were calling everyday, early morning and late at night. Not even Calgon could take me away.

Then Rebecca Marina called to let us know of a Money seminar she was presenting aimed at helping to relieve one of money worries and allow money to come to you.

So my wife and I went one early Saturday morning I had some skepticism – And a big hangover from drinking a half a gallon of cheap wine from the night before.

Unfortunately I was unable to sit though the meeting and went to another room and took a nap on a bed.

But Melinda stayed and even after the lunch break I told her I had to leave and asked her to have a friend take her home afterwards.

Later that evening we discussed how the meeting went.

As Melinda put it, she used Rebecca’s suggestion of asking her (Melinda’s) Angels to speak to my angels to help me understand and help my situation.

In my state of daze and confusion I handed my wife a plastic grocery bag with all my bills and paper work for her to help me sort out and make arrangements.

At which time she suggested we speak to a bankruptcy attorney and a financial advisor who handled my insurance policies.

Having doubt that they could help me I went along with her idea.

As we met with the financial advisor we were pleased to find out that their were some Monies available in the amount of eighteen thousand dollars ($18,000.00) which would help somewhat.

But upon further investigation we were informed additional funds in the amount of Forty six thousand dollars ($46,000.00) I had no idea was available or any Information of it being there.

Sixty-four thousand-dollars later we were out of foreclosure! – the IRS was off my back

And we are now breathing a little easier for the first time in a long time.

Think what you may and say what you wish.

But what can I say but thank you God and thank you for bringing Rebecca Marina into our lives.

God bless.


Luis and Melinda Pena

Dr. Marsha Nelson, training director,CJEA

Dear Rebecca,

This is a short note to say how powerful your Money seminar was for me personally.

I inherited 80 acres of mineral rights in East Texas 7 yrs ago when my late husband passed away. I had never inquired as to what this meant to me in my life. Yesterday I came across some paperwork and there was a phone number on the paperwork so I called.

Low and behold the monies were in suspension. Meaning there was no way for the company to locate me. My late husband and I had moved prior to his passing and they didn’t have all of the numbers to his social security number. So they are sending me a check for $1,900.00 this month.

Thanks, Rebecca, monies have been flowing into my accounts effortlessly. I recommend taking this training over and over again. Who knows what other gifts are waiting for us out there?


Marsha L. Nelson, Ph.D.

Edinburg Texas

This testimony is from one of my “life coaching “ clients. Sue needed more money as well as a vehical and she needed them quick!I will say this about Sue, she gets great results form working with me because she believes in the process and she does the homework I give her very diligently. When I tell her something will work if she does it, she believes, does it, and of course, it works!

These same processes can work for you too no matter what the goal is. We used EFT along with spiritual guidance to come to a quick solution to her problems.

I have enjoyed knowing and working with Rebecca. I have 3 success stories to share.

#1, I was at a collage workshop that Rebecca gave where we were to manifest our dreams. We had time to flip through magazines and rip out pictures and words that we liked and that pertained to our dreams.

At that time in Feb., I wanted to go on a road trip alone with my youngest son. He was 23 years old at the time.

I ripped out scenes and maps of the United States and glued them to a poster-board.

In may, 3 months later, I went to Visit him in Arizona and we enjoyed taking a road

trip together. When I got home, I looked at my poster-board and sure enough, there were 3 maps of the Southwest and we had visited all 3 areas!

#2. May of the same year, my truck was stolen from a parking lot while I was at the movies. I was very short of money and I had just lost my husband and I was very low on cash. This was the worst time this could have happened. I had so many expenses from the funeral and I desperately needed transportation to get to and from

work. I went to Rebecca and she helped me manifest the perfect truck. The right color, year, condition, alarm system, and most importantly, a price I could afford, all within 48 hours!

#3. In September, I needed help again. I had been working in a Doctor’s office for 2 years. I badly needed a raise and asked Rebecca to help me get up the courage to ask for it. After our session, I left Rebecca’s office and my cell phone rang. The office manager wanted to see me right away. When I arrived, she asked me if I would like a $2 an hour raise- which is exactly the amount I wanted to ask for!

Sue Irby

From kimilina:

Well where do I start?

I started with Rebecca over a year ago, with End money worries for Good. The major shifts that have taken place is short of the Truth.

Where do I start, when I took this program I was flat broke, literally. Within a day of taking the course, I signed up for a new business opportunity. I also was able to sign up 15 new people in one month for this business which brought me residual income. As a result of being in this business, I was attracted toa mortgage company that let me run my business out of there office FOR FREE AND SERVICE THEIR CLIENTS.

As a result of being in this office I became interested in the mortgage industry as part time work. I started closing loans ( a new career out of the blue)!!!

Needless to say at the time I WAS CAR-LESS!! MEANING NO CAR, I did the Ancestral class with Rebecca and a Car came out of the blue!! A NICE CAR!!

Rebecca’s classes have really helped me, I come back to her she has healing on topics that are serious to me.

I found myself taking the 4 hour End Mondy Worries for Good class almost ever weekend! to change, Its amazing, I also realized that I could not change everything in my Financial life, its ongoing work, to clear and create.

I love Rebecca asa result of her class, I was also able to start my coaching practice


I love Rebecca, every class she takes I am in!!


Workshop sparks Communication from the Other Side

Rebecca, your class was great and the experiences after the class were just as good.


I also believe the class really got my relatives stirred up, the ones on the other side!

I had an amazing experience in church on Sunday that I want to tell you about. I really believe there is a connection between my experiences in your meditation and my experience on Sunday in Church.

I wrote my niece about this experience, so I will paste a copy of my letter to her below. Before I do so, I want to tell you that I got some unexpected money today.

At 6:00 this morning I got this phone call. I was so tired, I let it go to voice mail.

When I reviewed the message two hours later, this lady told me that she wanted to purchased an Air Purifier from me.

I am an independent distributor of Living Air Products. I got a little discouraged with the business back in March and have done almost nothing since then.

This lady who is from New Jersey talked with me in March now decided she wanted to make a purchase. That phone call earned me about $400 profit.

A great way to wake up!

Here’s my church experience as told to my niece:

November 14, 2004

I had just participated in Holy Communion and received a blessing from a Priest. After returning to my seat, I closed my eyes for a moment, and then your mom began talking to me. I was startled at first.I had not heard from her since your wedding.

She said, “Donnie, this is Ruth. I am over here in Laurel Hill cemetery [located in Indiana].”

Suddenly, my attention turned toward her grave site and realized it was a nice, sunny day there. Her voice sounded so happy, like she no longer had anything to worry about. She was very upbeat and spoke rather casual, nothing formal.

I no longer remember what else she said in the beginning of the conversation as I was so shocked by the experience, but she was rambling about something. Then all of a sudden I realized she was in the church with me.

I could never see her, unlike previous times, but I knew her presence was in this church, somewhere behind my left shoulder up high at about 45 degrees.

She then said to me, “I brought you here two weeks ago.”

Two weeks ago I was visiting downtown Los Angeles on business. I had parked my car in a parking lot about 3 blocks away from Our Lady of Angels Cathedral. I placed my keys in the ignition, ready to leave and go home. I was almost ready to leave the parking lot, when I saw the Cathedral. For some unknown reason, I re-parked my car and walked to the Cathedral. [I am not Catholic].

When I walked into this Cathedral, I was emotionally moved. You could feel the positive energy flowing within the church. There are no words to describe this feeling.

I spent about an hour just wandering around. In my wandering, I came across this vestibule where the Catholics, during the month of November recognized individuals who have died.

They call this “Old Souls Day.”

As is the practice of Catholics, I wrote down on the names of Ruth Taylor Brandt, Godfrey Schmitzer, Margaret Schmitzer, William Brandt, Selma Brandt.

Using a thumb tack I placed this piece of paper on a huge wall with thousands of others who had done the same.

I kneeled on a prayer bench and prayed and then I lit a candle in recognition of the lives of these family members who had died.

Ruth, again said that she brought me here today just like she brought me here two weeks ago. She also wanted me to know that she brought Janice with me today. She wanted me to know that she was now an angel and was with me in the church.

Suddenly, without conscious memory of my lighting a candle and listing their names of a piece of paper, my family members began talking to me one by one. There were vivid color pictures of them, only their heads, not their bodies, in front of me to the far right of my body.

They were so happy. Their smiles were so big, they were beaming. They did not say much, but their overwhelming message was:

“Thank you for thinking about me. I thought you had forgotten about me. You don’t seem to think about me anymore.”

Grandpa Schmitzer said, “I am sorry I did not make it to your wedding.”

Grandma Schmitzer said, “I miss making turkey and dressing for you.”

Grandpa Brandt said, “I wish we could go fishing again.”

Grandma Brandt said, “I miss making those Christmas cookies for you.”

From the time Ruth began talking with me, my rate of breathing was very uncontrollable. It felt like I was near hyper-ventilating, gasping at times. The experience I was feeling, seemed uncontrollable.

At times, my body would shake, as if something within me was trying to escape.Soon after Ruth began talking to me, I experienced extreme shivers up and down my spine for 3-5 seconds, it seemed.

It is really hard to describe this event. It lasted about 15 minutes. During this whole time, tears were flooding down the face.

While all of this was going on, I seemed to forget that I was in a church, but at the same time I knew I was there.

I told Janice afterwardsI felt like I had just been placed in a washing machine.I am not sure why I used that particular word choice [washing machine], except to project the idea that I had just experienced a cleansing of my body.

Every part of my body was feeling so calm, loose, relaxed and peaceful.

After the service Janice and I walked over to the vestibule where I had placed all their names on a piece of paper and pinned it to the wall.

While there, I noticed a sign stating that all these pieces of paper are removed weekly and the name of each person is read by a priest and prayed for.

It was nice to know that a Priest had read your mom’s name and had prayed for her since my last visit.

Again, I listed their names and added Floyd Brandt, dad’s brother who I had forgotten about, lit another candle for all of them, prayed and left the church.

I am not sure what all of this means, if anything, but it was really a powerful, emotional experience for me. I wish you could have experienced the energy of your mom as I did.

I hope this makes you happy, not sad. Your mom is truly happy and alive, just living in a different place.

Love, Uncle Don

I also have another point to make. Immediately after the class, I went on a 20 minute walk. I must tell you that I was totally blown away by how I was walking differently. My legs just seemed to move effortlessly. I never have felt such a change in my walking. It was a dramatic change and I always considered my walking to be quiet normal.

I have done extensive all day training with Gary Craig on 3 occasions, 3 days in a row, so you know that represents a lot of daily tapping. I never had this feeling after his workshops.I am not for sure what happened or what was released to create this feeling, but it was certainly a WOW experience!



Thank you for your seminar.
I am an Energy Worker and Aesthetician (facials) by trade.

The tool and techniques you have given me have seeded my desires and dreams and they are sprouting all over the place. I am making sure (like you suggested) to be grateful and recognize when my miracles happen and I have been, even when they are as “small” a miracle as finding that close parking space if I am a little late.

My appointment book is toooo full and now I have to say no or move them to next week.

By the way, when someone cancels, within the hour someone else calls to fill it. I am selling more retail and the marketing and new ideas are popping up all over.

Best of all I feel great about spending my abundance of money…even on myself with no guilt.

You have truly given me the freedom with money that God intended for me to have.
Thank You!
Thank You! Thank You!

Love you and
Your wonderful Angels!

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6 Responses to “Testimonials for End Money Worries Audio”

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  3. Elly on March 28th, 2009 5:51 pm

    I was reading about how she saw 4:44 on the clock.

    I was seeing 444 everywhere it seemed for years and I was afraid of it. I tried to avoid looking at the clock when it was near that time. I really thought it was bad luck or something.

    After I went to a psychic dinner and a reader told me about my angels and EFT, I found a book about angels and read that 444 wasn’t bad luck at all. It was a very good thing. I have embraced it now and not afraid anymore.

    The 2 months since the discovery of EFT had been amazing. I’m starting to work with the sway technique you demonstrated.



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