Soul Deliverance End Money Worries

I do want to let you know that this class is a very SPIRITUAl class taught from the SOUL level.

End Money Worries/Ancestral Healing/Soul Deliverance

*Only 32.10 with Black Friday Coupon (70)

What is different about this teaching of EMW?

I am different.

A part of my soul has opened to deeper teachings to set your soul free. This whole class will be taught on a “soul level”.

This morning, I connected to all the souls who are meant to take this class and asked
them “Dear Souls, what is the #1 thing you need healing for?”

Here is what your souls told me:
(If this is you, you will know)

“We need healing for the feelings and beliefs of…

A. A sense of hopelessness

B. Feeling that I will never really get on top and stay on top.

C. I will only progress a little and then be slapped down again.

D. True success only happens to others and not me.

E. I feel I must be “meant to suffer”.

F. I am always on the outside looking in.

G. My head is always “barely above water”

H. Success is in sight but just out of my reach.

I connected further with your souls and the Divine and got this:

A. I am afraid to really have more finance.

B. I am afraid to identify with rich people

Now, of course, I asked Spirit what would be the best solution for you.

Here is what I got:

A.Offer them “soul deliverance” for them, past lives, past ancestors, present souls, future lives and descendants.

B.Offer them soul deliverance from Victim consciousness and its accompanying seduction patterns.

C.Hold open sacred space by using the newest ‘soul techniques’ to allow for their soul deliverance and healing of all associated cellular memories.

All this healing will take place in the “Temple of Divine Sanctuary”.

A safe place where even confused souls may find rest, healing and deliverance.

A place where the divine forgiveness flows so strongly it brings tears to my eyes to think of it.

Here is what spirit has prepared for those of you who feel called by the power of this class.

  1. Healing on many levels for your blocks to abundance.
  2. Healing for your past life issues, ancestral issues, present issues and future soul issues.
  3. You will experience “soul deliverance” to the capacity your soul is willing.
  4. You will renounce victim consciousness and the seduction patterns around that.
  5. You will integrate your “parallel personality” that DOES know how to experience abundance.
  6. You will experience a “clear vision” of your future and receive guidance on how to make it happen.
  7. You will make peace with the”opposing energies” that have held you captive.

This class may not appeal to everyone and that is fine. This class is prepared for a special group of souls that are ready for this level of healing.

I do not apologize for the price.
It is very little to pay for 4 hrs of such priceless healing.

Please go into prayer and ask your Soul, “Are you ready for this type of healing?”

Because the frequency of this class is VERY high, you may feel a little nervous or shakey about registering.

This is normal- follow your heart, not your head.

Audio Course:

Class Length:Approx. 4 hr long with plenty of breaks
Price: $107

*Only 32.10 with Black Friday Coupon (70)

Just do as you are guided.





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