Polarity Balancing, more techniques

Polarity balancing

 What’s the difference between polarity reversal and psychological reversal? 

Well psychological reversal usually has to do with one specific topic.  Example, you could be psychologically reverse around
a phobia but perfectly fine in all other areas.


 However, if your polarity is reversed that means you are  reversed all over the place and nothing you do was going to work very well.    So why not just start every session with a quick polarity balancing exercise?

( I am assuming you already know basic EFT).


#1: EFT Treatment for Polarity balancing:



Start by rubbing the sore chest spot, and say…

“ even though my polarities could be reversed, I deeply and completely love and accept myself. “

Then tap lightly on the top of the head and say, polarities reversed,

tapping eyebrow point, polarities reversed

side of eye, polarities reversed

underneath the eye polarities reversed

under nose, polarities reversed

under lip, polarities reversed

collarbone, polarities reversed

armpit, polarities reversed

members spot, polarities reversed

Now, do the exercise again using the positive choice of,” I ask my polarities to become

perfectly balanced now.”





Another easy way to balance your polarities is to simply keep a chestnut in your pocket.

That’s right, a  plain old horse chestnut. 

Joyce Salvo, who taught me the AVANA method was given divine guidance that the chestnut has a very balancing and grounding effect on the body.  I got a whole handful of them and keep them all around the house.

 #3. Spirilina:

 Another way to keep your polarities balanced is to take Spirilina

Spirilina is one of the most grounding energizing wonderful remedies the sea has given us.




I personally take the one from New Sun (www.newsun.net)  because it is the purest form I know.

Rebecca Marina



Please never feel shame because you are in the energy of desperation- everybody gets like that sometimes.

The great news is…THE ONLY WAY OUT OF THIS IS UP!
So, lets go…
then download the audio right into your computer.
You can burn it on a CD and give it to a friend.
Print out the EFT treatment spots for them too.

I was reading some of my Abraham materials recently and something really jumped out at me.( http://www.abraham-hicks.com )
Abraham was speaking about how we learned to feel about money as a child.

It was pointed it out that when you learned this particular word, you not only learned how to make the sound with your mouth but you picked up the feelings about it from the ones who were saying it.

If you stop a moment and tune in to how you felt when you were real small, you can probably spot a lot of the problems you are having right now with your relationship with the almighty dollar.

Enter EFT to the rescue.

Here is an EFT exercise to target the thoughts and feelings you uncounsciously picked up as you were learning the word MONEY!

Close your eyes for a moment and think back to when you were small.

Can you even remember the first times you were hearing the word money?
Take some deep breaths in and  allow yourself to feel what the others around you were feeling about money.
What is coming up for you?

Not Enough?


Better watch out, somebody will steal what you have?
See yourself as that small child taking in all these beliefs as your own.
Give this feeling a name and intensity rating- on a scale of 1 thru 10, how intense is it?
Now, let’s fix it!
Go to the sore chest spot (or karate chop spot)
Even tho I picked these feelings about money as a child, I completely love and accept my self.
Say this 3 times while rubbing the same spot.
Top of head.
Feelings about money
Feelings about money
side of eye
Feelings about money
under eye
Feelings about money
under nose
Feelings about money
under lip
Feelings about money
Feelings about money
Feelings about money
Now let’s bring in a positive choice (Thanks Dr Carrington creator of the "choices" method)
Sore chest spot
Even tho I picked up  unhappy feelings about money as a child, I forgive everyone involved, I release any resentment I have been hanging onto. I chose to forgive and be free right now!
Top of head
Chose to forgive and be free right now!

Chose to forgive and be free right now!

side of eye
Chose to forgive and be free right now!

under eye
Chose to forgive and be free right now!

under nose
Chose to forgive and be free right now!

under lip
Chose to forgive and be free right now!

Chose to forgive and be free right now!

Under arm
Chose to forgive and be free right now!
Now, place your hand on your heart and imagine you are that little child again.
Imagine yourself as you are right now , placing that little sweetheart on your lap right now.
Let your heart connect with this child who got all the wrong feelings about money.
Look this child in the eyes and tell them, "It is OK honey, you can chose to have your own
beliefs that there is plenty for everybody- and there is.

We have just been focusing too much on what we don’t have instead of feeling happy
 about all we do have.

See the light of understanding come into that little child’s eyes.
See the change in energy.
See the child saying "money" and giggling delightedly!
Imagine that you take a whole wad of 100 dollar bills out of your pocket
 and give them to the child to play with.
(forget about the germs we are  having a fantasy here)
See the child making a real and fun connection with the concept of money.
Now- take an intensity rating again, you know… the one you started out with.
It should be much lower now or completely peaceful.
Now, it is up to you to remind yourself that you have healed this next time you
want to go there again.
You might want to add another round for the "habit of the memory"
As a matter of fact- get as much money as you can and roll around in it yourself-
play with it and think of the fun you can have with it.

My son has more fun shaking his piggy bank and guessing how much is in there
than a banker has counting his millions.

Allow yourself the pleasure of feeling delighted to think of money-
it is just energy like everything else.
Shift your energy around money and it will shift it’s energy around you!

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Quick and Easy Golden Ball of Light Exercise


Recently, I got an exciting phone call from
Dr. Zhi Gang Sha’s office.
He had heard about my research with live blood cells
and was interested on collaboration between us.
I sent him my new DVD, “The Power of Emotions in Our Blood”
to help him have a deeper understanding of my life’s work.

At the same time, he sent me a collection of his extraordinary
books dealing with energy healing.
After looking at his work, I was plum giddy with excitement-
and when I saw the people who endorsed him,
I was even more impressed.
Do yourselves a huge favor and order some of his materials today.
Dr Sha is even working with Dr Emoto with water crystals.

Dr. Zhi Gang Sha, author of Power Healing and
Zhi Neng Medicine has some powerful energy exercises
that will help body, mind, and spirit.
I’ve tried this exercise myself and found it to be very energizing.

Visualize a ball of spinning golden light in your body.
Light is energy and has healing power.
Gold light has the highest healing power of all.
Spinning the ball connects with the energy of the universe and
the faster it spins, the more energy it harnesses.

Begin with imagining a spinning ball of golden light in your
brain cells. Imagine it activating the creativity and energy centers
in the brain.
Whoo-hoo! Talk about a wake up.
Try it early in the morning. You’ll love it.

Now allow the ball to spin all down your body.
Let it linger and spin faster and brighter in any areas that need
I tried it with my sore neck and lower back and found
immediate improvement.
This exercise is found on page 87 of Zhi Neng Medicine.
You can order Dr. Sha’s materials at www.DrSha.com

Dr. Sha’s work is indorsed by
Dr. John Gray, author of Men Are From Mars Men are From Venus ,

Dr. Wayne Dyer, author of There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem,

and Debbie Ford, author of The Secret of the Shadow.








This is one of the first steps to take to get yourself out of a hole.
If nothing has been going right for you…read on.

Correcting Bio-lateral Reversal,
Step 1 of "Getting out of the Hole"
This is Bio-lateral reversal which is different than
psychological reversal we talk about in EFT.




Ok, what the heck is
this “reversal” and how do I know if I have it?


By “reversal’, I mean when it seems like your energies are all running backwards.


You can tell if you are “reversed” if you have several of these symptoms.


Do you have a feeling of general “unease”, like things just aren’t right?

Does everything seem to working backward for you?

Do you have feelings of confusion?

Do you find it hard to focus?

Does it feel like no matter what you do, you can’t catch a break?

These conditions can indicate a “reversal”.
Your energy is confused and nothing you try seems to help.
I have been encountering this in a lot of my clients lately.
Perhaps, the reason has to do with so much is shifting as higher
vibrations are blanketing the planet.


I, myself find myself in this state sometimes and use this process
to correct my own energy field as need arises.


So, here is the easy cure for this reversal.


Thump your K27 points, or the points just below where your collar
bone connects at the sternum. Do this 6 or 8 times.


Now, stand up and get ready to march in place.


Starting off, raise the same arm and the same leg.
Do this for at least 12 counts.

Next, raise the opposite arm and leg. Do this for at least 12 counts.

Now, do the “zip up.”

Pretend you have a zipper down at the pubic bone. Grab your
imaginary zipper and zip it all the way to the very top of your head.
(Take care not to bring your arm down in front and “unzip” or this
will weaken you.)

Finish with the “thymus thump”.

Thump your thymus, (located in center of chest just above the heart)

And think of someone you love.


Depending on how “reversed” you feel you are, do this 2 times a day
for the next few days. You should start to feel a real shift in
your energy field and start attracting better things into your experience.

Any questions?

Email me at rebeccamarina@yahoo.com

Power of Compassion”.

I tell this story exactly as it happened to me and I can tell you

with absolute certainty that it this process works.

Now on to today’s topic.

This is a personal story that I experienced very recently.

Through a series of misunderstandings, a dear friend hurt me deeply.

I tried not to dwell on it and of course I did EFT to lessen the pain
but the pain was still there, sort of a dull, constant heaviness in my chest.

I just could not seem to shake it.

So, still with my mind on the hurt, I went out to buy groceries
for the week at our local grocery store.

I was waiting in line a t the deli for my sliced turkey.
It was kind of aggravating because a whole bunch of us
were waiting and there were only two ladies behind the counter.

The man in front of me just kept ordering and I thought it
would never be my turn.
So I just stood there in the deli section feeling sorry for myself.

I did not notice the smell of fresh baked goodies permeating the air or the
rock and roll oldies playing thru the sound system . Normally , this puts me
a festive mood. (I have been known to stop pushing my basket
and “cut a rug” right there when the music is extra good)

Anyway, there I was focusing on my hurt feelings, when, out of nowhere, an unattended grocery cart barrels down the aisle and smashed with a loud BANG
right into my cart!

It startled the daylights out of me!

I looked all around and could see not one single solitary soul the
cart could have belonged to.

I felt an angel whisper in my ear, (OK, more like a shout)
listen up and pay attention; you’ve got an important lesson coming up!

I did begin to pay attention to the people around me.
I noticed that the older man in front of me had a very unusual
accent and a very pleasant demeanor.
I also noticed that the two ladies were working just
as fast as they could to help everybody.

Suddenly, it was my turn. I let myself take a real good look at the lady who was helping me. She had a look of such utter weariness on her face, I was moved to compassion. The aggravation I had felt at having to wait melted away.

I begin to tune into to her spirit and I felt a huge load of gripping sadness
along with a sense of overwhelming exhaustion.
When she handed me my order, I touched her hand and I
looked deep into her eyes, I could see clear to the depths of her soul.
I held her hand for just a moment and really ‘heart connected" with her.

I said,“My dear, you look so very exhausted, do you have to work much longer”?

She told me that she was tired because she works all day as a
school lunch lady and then comes to work at the grocery store at night.

Here is a lady who looked to be in her late sixties having to work
two jobs, she should have been at home relaxing in the heart of
a loving family instead of here waiting on demanding, impatient customers.

As I was feeling true concern for her, I felt as if we were both
wrapped up in a soft, warm, all encompassing,blanket of pure, healing, love!
I could feel the healing taking place for both of us.
It felt as if a huge, heavy weight had been lifted off my heart.

Feeling much lighter, I proceeded to the checkout.
A fresh, delightful, young lady helped me.
I struck up a conversation with her by asking,
"and how has your day been so far”
this is so much better that the standard, "How are you,"?
People know that you are really interested and that you care
when you phrase it like that.
So, she proceeded to chat with me about her day and I felt
a real connection, like she was delighted that someone really cared.
I felt even more pain lift from my heart.

A young man came to take my groceries out to the car,
I noticed that he looked rather sad so I asked him the same question,"
how has your day been so far”?
He answered that his day had been very somber.
I thought that was an unusual word for such young lad to be
using so asked him more about it.

He replied that he had buried his grandmother that day.
I touched him on the shoulder and told him that I was so very sorry.
He then told me a bit about his grandmother and that she had
been sick with cancer for a long time.

AS we spoke, I felt the very last twinges of pain leave my
heart center completely; I felt that same warm unfolding,
like being wrapped in the arms of Divine love and peace.
Because I took the time to get the focus off my own pain for
a few moments, three people knew that someone cared for them and their life.

So here is the lesson.

When you are in pain, acknowledge that pain and use it.
Use your own pain as a "radar" to tune in to someone else’s pain. Then let your compassion flow to them. When you are in pain, it is very easy to
see someone else’s pain if you open your eyes and your heart.
This is a great job for the angels to help you with.
As you reach out in compassion to someone else,
your pain will be healed.
It doesn’t matter what kind of pain it is, heart pain, financial pain or just hurt feelings.

Mother Teresa really knew her stuff.
People would want to give her money for her charities and of
course she would take it but she would encourage them to come
and spend a few hours working with her.
She knew the healing power of compassion.

I urge each of you that may be in pain to use this wonderful healing power.
Think it sounds too simple? All the best healing methods are simple.
Try this next time you are in any kind of pain and email me your story.


Giving = Receiving

Every time my business gets a little slow I have a sure-fire
way to turn it around.
It works for me, and it’ll work for you too.

I just start giving.

Now it doesn’t have to be money.
It can be anything that you can give joyfully.
In my case I love my work so much that I joyfully give
my time to make self-help videos for people to use free of charge!

I do this because it gives me joy.
It does not matter whether the person watching emails me or not.

The joy is in the giving.

I encourage you to find something that you can give joyfully
and start giving it.
It will not work if you do not give joyfully,
so make sure you choose something that you CAN give joyfully.

If you are giving anything to anyone and your heart

is not in it, you are not giving joyfully.


Giving out of guilt will not bring you the

reward you seek.

You are better off not to give at all than to give out of
guilt, or a sense of duty.


Play an imagination game, imagine yourself giving something
to someone and seeing their face light up with joy.
Savor that feeling.
This is what you’re looking for!
Find something that you can give joyfully.
Maybe you’re a really good cook and can make someone
a good meal, [that sure would make me happy, to be the recipient]

Maybe you’re good at listening and you can make someone
feel better in that way, whatever it is that you like to do, give that.
Just see how much you can give, it is so much fun!
You won’t believe how fast this can turn any situation around!

Oh yes, don’t forget to claim your reward.
When I used to give away a 20 minute session I figure it was worth
about 40 dollars so I would tell the universe,

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for my 400 dollar reward.
I claim the 40 dollars as a ten percent investment in my
universal reward.”

This works out very nicely.
I’ve given joy, and I’ve received joy.

There must be balance so be open to receive.
If you have tried this in the past and it did not work,
I urge you to re-examine your motive and feelings.

I myself, have given in the past something I did not really
feel joy in giving(my money).
I gave till my bank account was empty because
I had been taught to “give until it hurts” so that is what I did.

Well, it sure hurt when I did not even get rewarded.

I gave because I felt I had to and that just never works.

Now, I am not saying to never give money, if that brings you joy,
please give it where it brings you joy.
I now only give money to places where it gives me joy.

Try it this week.
Think of the most joyful thing you love to give and give as much
of it away as you can.
The more joy you give the more you receive!

Email me and let me hear your joyful stories.



Share the love!




4 Responses to “Polarity Balancing, more techniques”

  1. connie on September 22nd, 2008 2:24 am

    I love your website and your help. Blessings back to you who has given so much. I feel inspired.

  2. lorne murphy on January 1st, 2009 11:08 pm


    You have been instrumental in changing my life.

    I have gone through 2 1/2 years of extended and always increasing personal trauma. 2008 was a very very hard year for me. A month and a half ago it gave me the shingles (Im only 40 years old) and I was literally bedridden for almost 2 full weeks. I have always been very healthy and happy, and have been on a guided spiritual walk for 8 full years.

    I had been introduced to the law of attraction and Jerry and Esther and Abraham by a friend over a year ago and had been working to raise my vibration, but whenever I “went into” the subject around the subject causing the trauma, or started reading the paperwork or speaking about it, my body would immediately begin to vomit and dry heave. I would immediately go into a panic, my breathing would race, I would sweat and get a stomach ache and I would then cry for sometimes days. I have become a professional weeper. I can cry like noone I have ever met. I had become someone I did not know. The next time I went into the despair which had controled my life for a full year, I litterally begged God, all the angels and saints in heaven including specifically Micheal and Rapheal to show me something free (I had literally no money) that I could do that would take the pain away.

    I knew my life would not shift, and I could not raise my vibration to draw what I wanted without getting rid of the immense pain body I had been carrying around. I was on a merry go round of pain body stimulaton and despair.

    My request was answered the very next day when I was led to your sight!!! I found your, ” ask your ask your angels” video on you tube. Then I found EFT through you …


    I no longer start to vomit or panic when I have to deal with this stuff, and it has opened my life up in immeasurable ways. Thank you so much for all the blessings you give to all of us out here in the atmosphere. It has literally reversed my life and healed my sould and my body and has given me my hope back.

    I am now sharing EFT with everyone I know! What a gift it is… and it really is fun and really easy like you said!

    I am sure I speak for everyone when I say thank you thank you thank you and God bless you.


  3. Preethi Swaminadhan on February 15th, 2009 12:13 pm

    I love this site, its almost as if I got an instant answer to my questions and problems, I am going to do the polarity reversing exercises as I should. Thankyou for all you have given me/us. Bless you.

  4. stop sweating underarms so much on July 1st, 2013 4:44 pm

    What’s up Dear, are you genuinely visiting this web site regularly, if so then you will absolutely get good experience.

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