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 “How to Grow Rich with Your Spirit Guide”

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  • Find out if you shared a past life with your spirit guide

My Wonderful guide, Sol, asked me to bring you this class to help you learn to tune in and “grow rich with your guide”.

Your guide has a purpose and part of that purpose is to help you grow wealth in every area of your life. Your guide cannot grow unless you do!

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Read some experiences of those who have already taken this class:

From Anna

Hello Rebecca,

I was in Sunday’s class “How to grow Rich with Your Guide” – here are my results/experience:

It was very, very easy.!

It was NOT at all what I was expecting.  My sensory vision was very strong and tuned in immediately. Here’s the story, and I’m hoping you might have some insight too:

The first thing that struck me was that my guide was very tall, a man, with longish blond hair.  He smiles a lot and has deep dimples on each side of his mouth.  His hair was scraggly and I was offended that it was not groomed especially for this meeting!   I voiced this opinion and it was immediately combed, shiny and silky!

He was a Viking of some sort and I saw him with tall ships and billowing sails on some northern beach.  He has big blue eyes and is very strong.  I understand that we were a couple in the past and we had two problems:  we were very young but had no relationship what-so-ever, we ignored one another and my heart yearned for a connection with my husband.  He was away a lot and I was always sad about it.  Secondly, he passed away very young and we had no children, another yearning of mine.

Then, my six year old came into the room to ask me a question.  I thought I would surely lose the connection then, but he turned to my child and smiled with much love, and we just picked up after that!

His name is Paci (pronounced ‘Pachi’) and is probably short for something else, it doesn’t matter. His symbol is a star.  (Why is this significant?) I am involved with a whole lot of business ventures and I thought surely he was here to help me with them but, no–he is here to help me with my relationship with my husband and to experience my precious children.

I have had a strong yearning for a “soul-mate” husband and to be a mother when in my teens, twenties and early thirties.  However, I waited until I met my husband in my mid thirties and then married and had children.  I was a very successful career woman before that but left the corporate world to raise my children and enjoy my role thoroughly.

My husband travels for his job very frequently and I feel extremelysaddened by it.

Well, I welcome the help I am getting to be a more connected wife and mother and will now involve Paci in all my sweet mothering moments where I think I have the most delightful children!

He enjoys these moments as much as I do.  Somehow, pieces seem to be falling into place and I understand thing better.

Yes, please tell others about this experience and you may use the name ‘Anna’ which was  my name as a Viking bride!

What this experience did for me is help piece things together: I could NOT understand why I felt so sad when my husband is away on a business trip.

I also now know why I am always thrilled to truly connect with my children on a deeper level beyond the superficial and mundane. I am so happy to have a tall, strong guide, (I am really petite and slim), and know that he smiles a lot, I do too!

I think it is very helpful to know that we are not alone in our experiences, that we have so much help.

Thank you for sharing all your experiences and for all your classes, I have taken so many of them and they continue to bless my life in so many ways.

Love, Anna

~*~           ~*~           ~*~

Reg $67 …   
(makes it only 20.10) Use coupon code 70

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From Catherine Behan 

Hi Rebecca,

I really enjoyed the spirit guide class.

What was the coolest for me was when you asked for us to ask our guide to tune in the frequency between us.

I instantly saw a lovely Asian woman.  Her name is Chunyi.  Since then, Lakshmi has “installed herself” in me while I was meditating on wealth and money consciousness.

I can definitely feel her energy!

I am feeling so well and am celebrating!

The article below is my most inspired writing since.   I know you are part of the team helping me get back in touch with my heart.

Believing in Possibilities Beyond My Wildest Imaginings


Newest Article:  

 ~*~           ~*~           ~*~

From Rebecca Nichols

I found this class  Very easy and relaxed.

I am realizing a stronger urge, and connection to write and get answers easily.  I was told to write, write, write, that is how he can easily connect with me.

In this class, I realized that I had met my guide recently In meditation…Unexpectedly!

We did energy work together in a session.  I understand now that he was trying to show me that he was my chief guide, but I did not realize it until working with you.

Thank you Rebecca!!

You see, on our first visit, he took me on a vision, placing me inside a circle surrounded by Native Americans doing a dance for me to free my energy.  I saw the chief, and then he changed back into my guide Moses.  So if you morph that together, Chief guide:-)

My guide’s name is Moses and he showed me a pyramid with an eye in the center.  When I looked up the name, it is Egyptian…Suppose he is THE Moses??  🙂

My very first visit with Moses was setting on a rock with him while he was shepherding.  My vision with you was of the 1320’s and an artist with many paintings in his home that he created.  This is significant to me because I am an artist, painting on clothing and canvas and designing all kinds of things.  He said that he was here to help me with sales and developing my business.

I liked the visualizations because of the ease and connection with my guide.

I would absolutely recommend this class to others.  It was fun, easy and I received results.

I feel this new insight will help me in my life today.  Absolutely!  I’ve been writing and receiving insight since yesterday!  I’m On a roll!!!

In this class, I got results and it was fun and easy, so I think it was a winner!

Rebecca Nichols

Thank you!!!   Thank you!:-)

 ~*~           ~*~           ~*~

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From Lana Nelson

Rebecca here is my experience of the class

All my reception areas were working at 95 to 100 percent except my solar plexus area, which was only 40 percent.

My heart area flowed and swirled beautiful pink. My third eye center swirled inky indigo. My 7th chakra swirled and sparkled very high. It was fun!

It was easy to sense the energy of my guide, she was so anxious to communicate with me, she was telling me and showing me things before you took us through the exercise. I had her calm down and wait for you.

She told me her name when I first saw her…Isabella. She has an accent and pronounces the I like a hard E and soft s’s. E’ssabella .

At first I thought she was a princess or a fairy godmother because it looked like she was holding a wand. I asked her if she was and she shook her head, no. She has long auburn hair that is beautifully done up on her head.

She handed me a long green velvet pillow with a royal scepter on it and a gold filigree crown as symbols. I also saw other symbols floating, stacks of green money bills and my check book floated by. I saw the balance was $1,000,000.

She is a queen, Queen Isabella. She has beautiful warm white hands and soft skin. Her gown is silk and a beautiful rose color. She smells like roses and herbs. I felt so touched when I hugged her that I cried.

When you took us through the timeline exercise, I went with her to a beautiful courtyard. The green grass was clipped short, there were manicured gardens. She was sitting in a beautiful chair with people gathered around on the grass. She was holding a large book, reading to them and teaching them.

I looked up “Queen Isabella” on Wikipedia right after the class. I was astonished. Queen Isabella of Spain came up. In the description about her it concluded that she influenced not only Spain but Europe, America and probably the world.

“Few rulers have left a legacy that surpasses that of Queen Isabella I of Spain. Isabella, with the aid of her husband Ferdinand, created an enduring legacy that ushered Spain into an age of glorious accomplishments.”

She was a great humanitarian and educator even of women.

Rebecca, at the Wild Women’s Retreat in April, you gave a blessing from Azna to each of us women. You told me that I am a queen and after the blocks are removed, everything I touch will turn to gold. With my large family, I feel like their Queen Mother! They are always looking to me for guidance.

It is very significant to me that Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand worked together well. I work with my husband “King Bruce” and I am organizing his seminars to teach his energy healing techniques. I am ready now to usher my family “into an age of glorious accomplishments”! How awesome and very humbling to have a great queen guiding me!

Rebecca, in a nut shell, I love how you make everything so easy, safe and simple…

I take every class that Rebecca offers. The ones that I waffled on at first thinking I didn’t need have been some of the most significant.

I have a LOT on my plate of life. I have 12 children and their families. That is a whole kingdom in it’s self!!! I have 2 businesses and am opening a third in the fall. I won’t even go into the other areas I am busy and active in. A Queenly guide is the most perfect thing for me. I will “partner” with her on managing my kingdom.

Love and thanks,
Lana Nelson

~*~           ~*~           ~*~
More from MY chief Guide, Sol…
It is your guide’s job to help you bring about a balance and have ALL THESE VIBRATIONS grow and prosper. Your guide does not see “lack of moola” as that but rather an imbalance in your energy field.

Some say that Spirits don’t care about money- they do however care about vibrations and see your lack of funds as a “vibratory black hole”.

If you think you are doing just fine because you are soooo spiritual but still poor as Job’s turkey, then you might want to learn how to let go and let your guides help you out with this.

Because of the shifting of energies on the planet there are many new guides coming in to help.

Well, the guide is not really an unknown, you just have not been ready to see or accept their help until now.

Reg $67 …
(makes it only 20.10) Use coupon code 70
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With Sol’s help, I  put together this class (which you can take by audio right now)that will teach you to:

A. Discover your Chief Guides name (and what a Chief Guide is)
B. Learn what your guide is here to teach you
C. Learn what they look like, hair, gender, height, etc.
D. Learn when to call in a more advanced guide and why
E. Learn how to adjust your vibrations to your guides for ease of communication
F. When it is Ok to let go and let your guide really help you.
G. Learn what kind of lifetime your guide has had
H. Learn why your guide asked to be assigned to you
I. See your vibrations “ thru the eyes of your guide” and see where you are out of balance
J. Learn the one thing that guides DON’T LIKE you to use them for.
K. Learn how you can attract ONLY guides of 100% pure Light


Q. What is the difference between guides and angels?

A. Angels have always been angels; guides were human at least once and now serve humanity from the spirit world.

Q. Ok, Rebecca, sounds awesome but I have no psychic skills and am afraid I cannot get in touch with my guide. How are you going to teach this?

A. Well, I am going to teach this class the blond-proof easy way, of course.

First we have to activate your psychic reception areas. (I have learned of an acupressure area that opens up your intuitive abilities splendidly.)

Next, we have to give your guide permission to get thru to you.

For sure, we will tap on all the resistance you may feel about getting in real, intimate connection with your guide.

We will move forward from there.

Q. Why is it important to establish a real, solid connection with my guide?

A. For one thing, your guide cannot grow with you ignoring their subtle advice all the time- for another your life will take on an ease and grace once you start letting your guide use their talents for you.

Your guide’s goal is to help you accomplish your soul purpose.

IE_ Part of MY soul purpose is to help other healers realize their monetary value and grow richer. My chief guide Sol is always busy bringing me fresh ideas and other high beings of light to help out.

In short, if your money vibration is out of whack, you need some help from your guide. If your love, health, or emotional vibrations are off- you need help with that too. Learning to tune in and let your guides do their job is the easiest way for Both of you to grow.

Q. What is the most important thing I can get from this teleclass?

A. The realization that you have a bonafied PARTNERSHIP with your guides and angels. They asked to be assigned to you for a specific purpose. They have awesome and mighty powers to put to use for you which are PERSONALLY tailored to help you grow.

Stop being helpless in any area of your life and let your guides help you kick-butt already!

As with all of the classes I teach- I ask you to go to your heart and see if this is for you.  (Your guide may be whacking the daylights out of your shoulder trying to get you to register)


Reg $67 …
(makes it only 20.10) Use coupon code 70
 click to save!


If you have questions, you can text my cell, 956-457-5568  Rebecca

 ~*~           ~*~           ~*~

More reports…

From Dr Patricia Felicia

Dearest Rebecca,

I took your teleconference Wed on “How To Grow Rich With Your Guide”.

You have often said how easy it is for one to  open their psychic centers and communicate with their guides or angels but I had never experienced it with such ease as I did in this class. You made it sooo simple in your famous blonde-proof way!

I followed along with you as you took us through all the steps.  Information was flowing in to me faster than I could even jot it down.

My guide is this beautiful man named Lucas. His hair is ash blonde and silky. His face is smooth. He was wearing a gray, soft wool robe.

His shoulders are wide and athletic, yet lean. His hands are bigger than mine but soft and warm. He is about 5’9″ and slender. He has a sweet, mellow, sexy voice.

I could hear him in  my heart call out my name and ask me to take his hand. His symbol is a treasure box with a heart on it.

Lucas showed me a scene in his lifetime where he was sick and possibly dying on a bed and I could feel his regret that he had never taken the time to find his true love.

He said he had chosen to be my guide because he wanted to help me experience the  true love that he had never known and so that his soul could merge with mine and he could experience it through me.

Lucas told me he wanted me to experience the full beauty of love, joy and abundance. He said that as I opened to love, I would also receive abundance in all other areas of my life.

As we entered into partnership together, I took his hand, Rebecca ,and asked him to never let it go.

All of this happened just Wed, and the next day, I could feel his help all day long.

I accomplished more today than I might have in a week.  In fact, a couple things I accomplished were things I have wanted to get done for months and just couldn’t seem to find the answers till today.

Everything just fell into place effortlessly. Life could be so much easier now!

I feel really excited to know I will now have such wonderful help in  fulfilling my soul purpose.

I feel such joy and gratitude when I think of this sweet, beautiful guide that I have finally acknowledged in my life.

And I thank  you, Rebecca, for helping me walk further on my own spiritual path.

Love and Light,
Dr Patricia M Felici

 ~*~           ~*~           ~*~

Even more reports…

From Lawrence Needham

The class was very easy to understand, and to follow along to I felt  a difference in your psychic reception areas, in and around my head.

Through doing these exercises, I felt the energy of my guide quite strongly.

I only got a partial spelling of my guides name, I am sure it will be given to me with in the coming weeks if I follow through with the techniques taught.

I know I lived in ancient china in past lives, and my guide appears to me as asian.

The parts of the class I liked best were the great techniques and excersises given,were very easy to do but powerful.

I would recommend this class to others because anyone, even a beginner can do this, and if they stick with it, see

Lawrence Needham

 ~*~           ~*~           ~*~

From Kathryn Eggen

Dear Rebecca,

After the class, I had the deepest sleep last night – it was amazing and I felt this wonderful sense of peace.

The class was life-changing for me!

I’m so glad that my guides lead me to your website. My Guide’s name is Irias and the symbol that represented her is the Iris flower.

Irias is Egyptian, young, tall, slender with dark, dark hair and beautiful smooth olive skin.

I went to a psychic several years ago that said that I had the Star of David in my palm and that I had an affinity with the pyramids and that I would find out later in life why.

I think I found out why last night.

Thanks again and God Bless

Kathryn Eggen

 ~*~           ~*~           ~*~

From Asia Scudder 

Hi Rebecca:

I loved the class on Wed night – I was so impressed with getting to so much more than I thought I could about my guide.

When you did the psychic awareness exercise, My ears were stronger than other parts.  My heart has been hurt recently and so it was a little less strong.

I had anger in my solar plexus that was causing some blocking there and my eyes were feeling afraid.

At first I wasn’t sure my guide was there and I felt some of the fear you spoke to about speaking to a being who wasn’t Christ or God or Buddha etc….but then I relaxed and felt excited and cried when I saw him.

My guide said his name was Joey.  I looked it up and it is short for Joseph which means “God Increases”.  Cool…   He was wearing a tool belt – with lots of tools for repair projects.

Joey showed me an image of him holding a small child with black hair -hair like his own.  I wasn’t sure really but I think he is here to teach me tools for caring for myself and how to love.

I liked the visualizations with lots of babies – it seemed like a great way to by pass the left brain!

It seemed like a very very gentle and relaxed way to get to know someone who is so important – who would have known our guides our waiting for us???


 ~*~           ~*~           ~*~

Even more reports!

From Angie, San Diego Ca.

Dear Rebecca,

I loved the info I got from my guide.

The symbol my guide gave me was an Eagle and the name begins with E.

My guide showed me a life that was in Egypt. I did not have a lot of clarity about the life.

The parts I liked best about the class was learning aspects about the guide, male or female, hair color, and a sense of being connected with the guide.

I feel others will benefit from taking this class because all of us need to know that we are not alone. Since we do have free will,we need to ask for help and know that we will be guided in extraordinary ways.

I intend to use my guide to help me become a better EFT healer and writer.


 ~*~           ~*~           ~*~

From Len Stone

Hey Rebecca,

When we did the psychic opening exercises,

My third eye area and my solar plexus seem to be the strongest. My heart and ear areas didn’t feel any special energy or pressure on them.

The name I got was DAC (prounounced like D-ah-K). And the symbol I got was a star. It reminded me a bit of Bashar (UFO chanelled by Darryl Anka). I have been pondering ufo’s more lately.

I wasn’t interested in Dac’s past lifetimes, so I didn’t ask. We just looked at Earth together from space. And right now that image of beautiful big blue Earth is so clear.

I enjoyed your voice Rebecca! It was cheerful yet peaceful. I felt that I went through a wonderful meditation. I also liked the EFT tapping and wish we did more of it. I didn’t realize how much resistance I had about “nothing is going to happen. It’s the same old same old opening to channel visualization…blah blah blah.”

I would! I really like the info I received and even if it was totally my imagination, I was just thinking how I could make it into a story.

Oh, I forgot to say that I liked the exercises for opening our psychic reception areas. These things sometimes take some time.

Len Sone

~*~           ~*~           ~*~

From Melody Joy

Hello Rebecca,

During the class I Definitely felt an increase in reception with the guidance to the psychic reception areas.

It was much easier to sense the energy of my guide with this process.

Getting my guides name was the most profound part of the class. My guide not only gave her name to me, but several symbols including P-L-A (play!) with trees (nature) and $ -money!. And when we ‘joined together’, we became like a superhero in power; it was awesome!

Thank you, Rebecca, for not hurrying through these steps…I didn’t feel left behind!

Melodie Joy
Holistic Nurse who writes and teaches classes about recovering from diabetes and other chronic illnesses.

~*~           ~*~           ~*~


Reg $67 …   
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Just do as you are guided, your guide is likely whispering in your ear right now, urging you to take this  audio program!

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7 Responses to “Contact Your Spirit Guide”

  1. admin on February 13th, 2009 12:34 am

    Dear Rebecca,

    I took the Spirit Guides Class and wow! Timing is everything. I am still having difficulties opening my third eye but have found that I just sense things and using the non dominant handwriting has been the way to produce results for me for now. I do still long to have my third eye open but that will come in time and with more healing.

    My husband of 28 years and I are at the beginnings of a divorce. This is where my spirit guide comes in. Her name is Ligheth, her symbol is a sword, she has long curly red hair, smells of fire and wild grasses and she is a true slayer of dragons. She found her true love and then got scared of his strength, power and his dark soul and so she ran from that love. He was killed in battle and then her grief sent her into a prison of her own making and she died of a broken heart.

    She has come to help me escape the prison I am in and to help me to reclaim the love that has seen me through so many lifetimes so that both she and I can enjoy pure unconditional love at the very depths of our souls.

    She pointed out that my husband is my modern day dragon and I am actually just a part of his horde- a forgotten treasure tossed aside but protected and imprisoned. She is giving me lessons on how to fight dragons and will be by my side throughout. Interesting thing I noticed later is that my atty has long red hair also!

    She is telling me my third eye will open but that I have not gotten fully to the core issues yet. In past lives my worth and value were totally stripped of me and that I am fighting to reclaim all that in this life. I am impatient with the whole process but I continue to be reminded that there is so much stuff happening in my life right now and I am doing a good job – more would be too difficult to handle right now. I can accept that- for now.

    Oh and I asked Ligheth if she would like her own cup and she just laughed. Instead I came home with a purple gel pen for her and she was so excited. Purple was her power color and she reminded me that it is mine also.

    Thank you for coming into my life and making a difference. It is my hope and wish that as I grow I can carry on this wisdom and energy that you so willing share with others.


  2. admin on February 15th, 2009 8:27 pm

    Hi Rebecca,

    I bought your teleseminar “How to grow rich with your guides”. I had it for over a week and had not listened to it. I realized that I had a subconscious fear that was making me procrastinate about ever listening to it.

    For instance I would come home and say well maybe I should clean up my place before I meet my guide. Or I would say I’m too tired to listen tonight maybe tomorrow and I would never listen to it.

    Then you sent an email message that said our guide really wants to meet us and it made me feel a little more comfortable. So Saturday morning (Valentine’s Day) I forced myself to just sit down and try it out. And boy am I glad I did!

    After doing the psychic opening activities I felt extremely relaxed and calm. All my fear was completely dissolved and I was ready to meet my guide! I found out that he was a male who was approximately 6’ 1” with straight strawberry blonde shoulder length hair.

    His body was of a medium muscular build and his name was Gorzi. When I embraced him I felt a little sexually attracted to him but I ignored this feeling. Later I learned that he was a knight from the 17th century and I was a knight also but I had to hide under all the armor so that no one would know that I was a very powerful female.

    Gorzi and I had a secret love affair. We would often sneak around the grounds and take off our head pieces and kiss passionately.

    I know that Gorzi is here to help me with my life purpose which has to do with helping everyone learn to love inwardly and outwardly. To come into partnership with my guide was the best thing I could’ve ever done! It was like meeting that best friend and family member I never knew.

    I felt an intense level of love and support when I met my guide. My only regret was that I wish I had met him a lot sooner. Thanks so much Rebecca for this awesome teleseminar!!!

    A. Was this easier or harder than you expected?

    Meeting my guide was a lot easier than I expected. It was super easy, almost unbelievable!

    #1. Did you feel a difference in your psychic reception areas? One stronger than another?

    Yes, I had 2 areas that were much stronger than the others.

    #2. Did you find it easy to sense the energy of your guide?

    Yes, when I went to embrace him I felt his energy as if he was right there. But it was not scary at all!

    #3. Did you get your guides name or symbol?

    Yes, his name is Gorzi and his symbol was a house(mansion).

    #4. Did any details of your guides lifetime had significance for you?

    Yes when I did a past life regression a while ago I found out that I was knight who had to hide my feminine identity. His lifetime was significant because he was also knight during the 17th century and we were both in love with one another.

    #5 What parts of the class did you like best and why?

    I loved doing the psychic activities! They really turned up the volume on my psychic abilities. I also loved being able to embrace my guide.

    #6 Would you recommend this class to others and why.

    Absolutely, you truly give a super easy (blonde proof) way of meeting your guide. You made it very comfortable and non-scary.

    #7, Do you feel this new insight will help you in your life today?

    Absolutely, I have so much more clarity now!

    #8. What would have made this experience better for you?

    Nothing it was great.

    Thanks again Rebecca!!
    Angela C.

  3. Angel Merit Badges | Rebecca Marina on August 27th, 2010 2:35 pm
  4. RENGIAH MUTHULINGAM on October 13th, 2012 11:15 pm

    Beloved Mother Rebecca,

    I am thankful to you so much that you rendered Spiritual guide representing with all Divine feminine Goddess, I am repeatedly hearing your preaching.

    Let me too receive the power of Goddess isis Green Light energy, Money Blessing, healing blessings and I believe that you would Mother goddess Azna to take care of me.
    thank you,
    god Bless you,
    R. Muthulingam

  5. Chere JeanBaptiste on October 18th, 2012 9:12 am

    I just ordered your Spirit Guide audio, however, I do not get any audio.
    The page comes up blank.
    Please advise me as to what the problem might be.
    Thank you,

  6. RENGIAH MUTHULINGAM on October 18th, 2012 9:16 pm

    Dear Beloved Mother rebeca,

    I am thankful for ending succeeding 10 days divine class and sprite guide.

    I really enjoyed.

    Please send your sprite guide free of charge because I cannot contribute.
    thank you.
    r. Muthulingam

  7. Tina Marie Boyd on February 11th, 2014 10:47 am

    Hi is Contact Your Spirit Guide still at 27.77 that I can the other amount aahhh not so, if it’s 27.77 how does one purchase?

    I’m enjoying your site, would like to know more

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