End Money Worries for Good!

How to End Your Money Worries for Good!

Dear Friends,

I just have to share this most amazing discovery that I have made!

It would be wrong to hog up this knowledge to myself.

I am so excited, I can hardly stand it!

I believe that God made me a teacher so that I would be able to share this good news when I found it.

I confess, I am a bit of a blabber-mouth because when I find out something wonderful, the first thing I want to do is teach someone else how to do it and see them reap the benefits too!

Talk about a fun life!

OK already, what am I getting at here anyway?

Dear friends, I have really and truly discovered the answer to “money worries”!

Now, if you are like me, you probably have a whole library of books on prosperity, how to get rich, how to manifest cash, etc. (Please don’t tell me that I am the only one)

I read those books, I did what they said, and I did manifest some great things, but I could never manifest any actual cash to speak of.

Yes, I lived in a nice house and drove an OK car but I never had any money!

It just seemed like whatever I did, I could not get ahead in the money department.

Or, if I did earn a little extra, along came some HUGE UNEXPECTED BILL that ate up all my extra money.

Sound familiar?

Then I began to study the new and quite amazing new energy therapies, namely EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique)

I discovered that I could use these therapies to relieve pain, stress, anxiety and even phobias with almost miraculous results!

So, I decided to try this technique on my “money mess”.

I was guided to try it in a little different manner than any other therapists were using.

Of course I tried it on myself first.

I actually felt my energy SHIFT during the process.

I am here to tell you that something BIG happened!

From that day forward, I started making money– and not only making it but people actually giving it to me!

These techniques don’t just work for me…they work for thousands of others, click here and read the real, life testimonies of people who took this class!

Click here to read testimonies.

For the first time in my life, I do not have to run quickly to the bank every time I receive a check.

I have got to tell you, it is really, really nice. It is fun to have money and not worry.

God wants us to have money, health and love– it is our birthright to live in abundance!

Now, different people have different ideas about abundance.

To you, it may take a million dollars for you to feel abundant.

To me having enough to pay my bills and being able to go out to eat, shop or play if I feel like it (and pay for the others) to me… that is abundance.

It is abundance for me to be able to enjoy in good health my family and friends.

It is wonderful to be able to see something in a store that I know will bring someone else joy and to go ahead and buy it for them.

It is wonderful to be able to tip the waitress a little extra and not worry that I won’t have enough for me.

Most of all, it is wonderful not to have that horrible twisted feeling in the pit of my stomach when I think about my bills.

It is wonderful to look into the future and know that my relationship with money is healed forever!


OK, let me explain how it works and YES, it can work for you, too!

Have you heard about the “law of attraction”?

The law of attraction says, “That which is like unto itself is drawn.”

So far, all you have been attracting is bills and money troubles, right?

You must have thought a million times, "Why can’t I get ahead, I feel like I’m stuck no matter how hard I try and how many ‘get rich’ books I read."

Oh boy, then comes the guilt like it’s your fault and you probably did it all wrong. And then there’s that little "inner critic" that likes to remind you that you have never had anything and probably wouldn’t know what to do with it if you did.

Until you get to the “root cause” of your money worries you can read prosperity books ’till you are blue in the face and it just ain’t gonna’ work!

In order to turn this thing around, you have to get to the very “root cause” of your money problems.

Although, I believe we are responsible for what we attract into our life, what is it that makes us keep attracting more and more money worries?

How your ancestors can keep you poor!

We are born with cellular memories of our ancestors.

Now sometimes this is good and sometimes it ain’t so good. In my case, I come from a long line of sharecroppers and itinerant preachers.

For those of you who may not know, a sharecropper is a farmer who is so poor, he does not have land of his own. He farms for the “big boss” and is rewarded a portion of the crop and is usually given a place to live.

An itinerant preacher is a minister who has no church of their own but travels from place to place sharing God’s word and living off donations.

Wonderful, kind, loving, Godly people- all of them just DIRT POOR!

So, you see, I came by my money troubles quite honestly.

How can your ancestors keep you poor?

You inherit not only the cellular memories of your parents but also the memories of your ancestors. No wonder you have had such a hard time overcoming the poverty energy patterns.

You can actually be born with money trouble already in your energy system!

You can even pick up anxieties about money from your parents while you are in the womb.

Just think of all the parents who worried if they would be able to provide for their children before their children were even born.

Is it any wonder there is so much trouble over finances in the world today?

Now, stay with me, I’m getting to the good part!

The safe, new energy therapies can take away the “poor” stuck energy patterns and set you free!

This has never before been possible because the energy therapies have only been discovered in the last 20 years!

With the proper application of these safe, new, energy therapies, you will be able to start attracting more money without those old energy patterns of poverty blocking your every move!

This same technique can take away all the negative money energy you have accumulated all by yourself in this lifetime.

Maybe you did not have any poor ancestors; maybe you just got some poor energy patterns about money stuck in your energy system because of a few bad breaks.

The EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique) can take care of those too!

The real secret is the way I was taught by Spirit to apply it!

I have never heard of anyone applying it in the exact method that I was guided to and it is TREMENDOUSLY POWERFUL!

But will it work for you?

Of course, I had to test this out.

My sister had a lot of money troubles and she asked if I thought this would help her. I arranged a session and used the same technique I had used on myself. It was very relaxing but she did not seem to feel a big shift like I did.

A few days later, I asked her how her finances were.

Lo and behold, she was getting money in too!

Now mind you, my sister does not work outside the home so this was quite a miracle!

Her husband started having more opportunities to earn money on the side and now they are planning a nice trip to Las Vegas to celebrate their anniversary, and… it is already paid for!

My sister just called me yesterday to tell me more good news. She said she had to balance her checkbook and got the usual knot in her gut.

To her surprise, all her outstanding checks had already cleared and she had way more money that she thought; now that is a nice, nice, nice feeling!

Another close family member called to tell me he had received what amounted to a 41% raise!

One of my brothers who is in jail started receiving money. I know this because it had to pass through my fingers to get to him.

This just can’t be sheer coincidence!

Has this process lifted some kind of family CURSE about money?

So, I called my daughter in Baton Rouge to ask how her money situation was and she said, “Well mom, actually, it is pretty good, I have been making real good at work and they are talking about making me a manager!”

OK- so the next day my grown son came over and I asked him the same question.

He got a funny look on his face and said, “Mom, did you do something?”

I said “Yes, I did something but tell me about your finances.”He replied that he had invoiced just over $121,000 for the company that month, something he had never done before, earning himself a nice fat commission check on top of his salary.

Later that same night, my son called me all excited. “Guess what mom,” he exclaimed, “My neighbor just rang my doorbell with money in his hand, he said he had found money in the yard and wanted to know if it was mine. Nobody ever brought money to my door before, this is really great!”

So why did this work for people I did not even do the technique with?

I believe it worked for the other people because they were in the same family and we share the same ancestors.

If I take off the energy patterns from me, I am healing them for me as well as others in my family.

I did not expect this and was so very surprised and pleased!

Change the future by changing the past- simple as that.

My Goodness, we could heal the whole world!

This is big! The possibilities are endless.

If more people had less worries about money, there would be less strife, less stress, even less wars. Why would you need to go take something away from another country if you had plenty yourself?

So, you can see why I would want to share this with everyone?

I know it will bring so much joy and freedom into so many lives.

Many of you know that I am a professional workshop leader. I have put together a workshop using all these wonderful techniques to bring true freedom from money worries.

How much would you pay to be free from your own money worries for good?

You know, I could ask just about anything and people would be willing to pay it for this wonderful freedom from worry.

It can change your life forever and ever and ever!


Come with me on a little journey of your imagination.

Imagine your life in 20 years when you have had 20 years of prosperity, what would that be like for you?

Go ahead, dream…

Imagine something simple like the great big feeling of relief you will feel when you go to the mailbox, pull out some bills and it’s no big deal- you have got the money to pay whatever you need.

Imagine, going on that trip you have been dreaming of all your life.

Imagine just feeling secure that no matter what happens to the economy- you are safe.

How can this come true for you?

Because if there are no barriers to your abundance- it is free to flow- straight to you!

Why am I so sure this will work on you too?

Because the technique works with the energy meridian pathways of the body & everyone’s are essentially the same.

If it worked for me, it will work for you if… you are ready to ALLOW it. No faith is required, simply allow, and follow the techniques I will teach you.

The unique way that I apply the technique covers all the variables in your history and present life.

PS- There is one drawback to this workshop and I need to make you aware of it.

This class will not teach you one thing about what to do with money after it starts rolling in.

If you are going to take this class, you better start reading books on money management or you will wind up with it just laying around everywhere when it could be making you even more money!

I hope you have joined my ezine so I can let you know when the next teleclass is scheduled. (you can do that on the side page)


Scroll down to find out how…

End Money Worries, Ancestral Healing, and Curse removal

People who take my End Money Worries class often have miraculous results. No other program gets to the heart of financial issues like this.

Read testimonies online

And also wonderful emotional healings like this coupled with a boost to finances like this dear lady from Utah.

Dear Rebecca,

I just have to share with you a few things that have happened since taking the EMW class on Sunday.

On Tuesday, my husband drove me to work and on his way up the mountain to his job, his transmission went out. This would normally be a huge deal, since he works at a ski resort at elevation 9,000.

Getting a tow up there’s very expensive. And in the past if anything happened that has to do with spending more moola, we are usually quite worried about it.

However, he called me to let me know, and I never once worried. I just went about my day, not really giving it a second thought.

I didn’t even think about how well I handled it until last night. I usually would have been fretting all day, and praying feverishly, etc. But we both have been very calm throughout this whole ordeal.

Anyway, several exciting things happened.

1) He works with a guy who volunteered to tow the truck home for free.

2) My husband went to the bank to weigh his options (the truck is old and he didn’t know if it would be more feasible to pour money into it, or to just get a new one).

The bank is going to take 2 loans we are already paying on, plus loan on the new truck and consolidate these 3 into one payment, and the payment will only be a little bit over what we are paying on those original 2 loans.

3) This afternoon when I came back from lunch, I found out that I am getting a raise. And I bet you can guess for how much more per month I am getting… AWESOME*

4) Plus, I have always felt uncomfortable around people, really shy. When my husband told me I would have to ask someone to give me a ride home, I didn’t even think about. I went right up to an acquaintance to ask and didn’t even think twice about.

In the past, I would have been mortified to this.I didn’t even think about what I had done until today and I just started laughing and thinking "Thank you Rebecca, for helping me not be afraid to ask for what I want."

Thanks for such a wonderful, wonderful class. You are AWESOME!

Much Love,
Kat L, Utah

Because of so many fears in the media about the economy, I decided to make a wonderful EMW healing package for you that should give a real boost to your own situation and heal what needs healing.

There are 2 versions of EMW that are very extraordinary.

That is just the ticket to recession proof your life now.

1. End Money Worries by "remote viewing" the big picture from the very root cause of these destructive patterns.

I studied some of the methods used by the military in "Remote viewing" and came up with ways to apply them to your financial situations. Value $99.

2. End Money Worries by learning to say a big fat "NO" to the people and situations that drain or energy, finances, time. This class is PRICELESS.Value $99 (Total value $198)

For this special, you can have both versions for only $77.

You will download them to your computer and take them segment by segment.

Click here to order both now (PLEASE pay ATTENTION to all the options beforeyou choose)

But WAIT (sorry, I couldn’t resist)

If you spend just 10 more dollars, you can get the audio class "Ancestral Healing" which covers releasing all:

Family curses

Generational curses (racial, religious, cultural)

Family insults

Cure subservient curse

Heal child molestation

Heal spousal abuse patterns

Take back the power for your whole family line.

I did thisAncetral clearing process to myself to take off my "poor Irish" curse and my financial life leapt into "fast forward"

What is your family of origin?

Do you feel you have a lot of "emotional baggage" tied to that?

Yes, Rebecca, I want the "full meal deal"- 3 powerful classes all with the same strong focus- Heal my MONEY issues once and for all!

#1. End Money Worries by "remote viewing" and healing the very root causes of all my money troubles.

#2. End Money Worries by saying NO to people and things stealing my energy.

#3. Ancestral Healing.

Yes, I do want to be experiencing this wonderful healing by downloadable audio in just minutes.

Warning: These classes are designed for you to jump in and DO THE EXERCISES that lead to your money freedom. If you are not really going to participate, then please save your money.

Class Information:

LEVEL 1 (Beginners):
Date / Time: TBA. Please contact Rebecca for details.
Class Length:
Price: $77
Audio Class Option: Yes. You will receive 2 different audio/MP3 versions of the same class. Take them at your leisure, but make sure to honor the time you spend doing the class. Please do not multi-task.

LEVEL 2 (Advanced Course & Followup to Level 1):
Date / Time: TBA. Please contact Rebecca for details.
Class Length:
Price: $107
Audio Class Option: Yes. You will receive 2 different audio/MP3 versions of the same class. Take them at your leisure, but make sure to honor the time you spend doing the class. Please do not multi-task.

LEVEL 3 (BEST VALUE includes Level 1 above PLUS 2 free bonus classes – Ancestral Healing Valued at $251):
Date / Time: TBA. Please contact Rebecca for details.
Class Length:
Price: $135
Audio Class Option: Yes. You will receive 2 different audio/MP3 versions of the same class. Take them at your leisure, but make sure to honor the time you spend doing the class. Please do not multi-task.

Just do as you are guided.

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  7. Lara Lawson on July 14, 2008 at 5:38 am

    Dear Rebecca,

    I am and have always seemed to be stuck with money. Things are tight at the moment, will buying your product really help me to turn things around??

    From Lara Lawson

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