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My Mission:

To Help each One realize how very precious they are…

To help each One see that they are the greatest Treasure. Nothing is more important than following your hearts hearts desires for it will always keep you on course.

The great thing about Heart Point Techniques is that it combines the very best of  energy healing techniques with Divine Guidance. (After all HPT is straight from the Mother!)

So, if you’re a healer seeking to improve your skills or learn to build your healing business, this is the place for you. And, if you are simply seeking emotional spiritual healing for yourself, this is definitely the place for you.

Heart Point Techniques can help you…

  • attract more money
  • attract more love
  • build an energy healing business
  • heal your emotional, physical body
  • become a healer or enhance your skills

“You are here to enjoy your humanity, so get down on the floor and roll around in it.”

Light source P’ TAAH (in a private session with Rebecca)

Years ago, I asked Divine Mother to only send me clients who could be helped by my gifts.  So, if you landed on this page, your angels and guides probably had something to do with it!

You are WELCOME to become a reader and be a part of our loving circle.

Rebecca the messenger


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